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    Getting effective treatment depends on identifying the right problem. In a recent study, 88 percent of patients who came to Iraq Medical Center for a second opinion received a new or refined diagnosis.

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    A new Frontier Science

    published atNovember 3, 2018

    A new Frontier Science that other waged war and war to derail that new scientific Frontier and downed its scientists who invented and discovered but this New Science become a reality and in the time, former to its time in the future, although the continuation of the war on it and the scientists working with but doesn’t hurt that something convoy this flag are going to achieve all their goals and remain the cursing voices knocks drums no voice has Yes it is aware of the future of stem cells approved by the Minister of health and the British before months and approved by the day USA Germany has become a reality and let the drums and minds empty knocks Symphony cacophony uttered breath the last of Baghdad Kadhim and Rasheed of Baghdad Mansour and the capital of the world began science and civilization and of the day of Iraq the great Iraq Napour and Sumer be re-formulation of human history of the new.

    Treatment of diseases all and tissues and cells damaged and re-dead cells a result of the advancement of age using the stem cell stem cells genetic smart. Talking in this article for medical treatment and another what findings scientists of ways therapeutic use of stem cells as we give the reader foundations of scientific and if it is simple to see this flag for future or new also called the day elixir life of renewable using the cells construction or stem cells or cells root.

    Treatment using the stem cells is growing cells human to compensate for the cells or tissue damaged the treatment of diseases. May be used for the treatment cellular and treatment of Gene and here knows treatment using the stem cells genetic smart or with artificial intelligence, which we pride first scientists who had reached to transplant code genetic sophisticated make the cell stem normal brain intelligent decide paths and determines the types of diseases, acting on the treated especially genetic diseases or diseases mutation genetic harmful and this is the way we have reached the following research extended over the years only the preserve our country great Iraq only and applied by US in Iraq only and may divide us in this area on all States that fought and locked in experiments cultivation stem cells United States has not able to set-top code genetic intelligence artificial that integrate the cell stem normal as well research Center artificial intelligence in Bonn, Germany failed to it. The use of stem cells custom treatment or prevent disease or given situation. And began operations of agriculture and primitive the cultivation of spinal cord using the stem cells or the use of the blood of the cord same purpose. But we were able to get out of traditional methods which ratio in their success was glows and rejection high-creative first method recorded globally in our name so separate stem cells via the blood of the patient’s straight and separated and we are the only ones in the world in this area we were able to access the place of stem cell parent and work on the labeling after separated and returned to the patient’s body through the skin a manner similar to give the vaccine at the shoulder . That stem cells or root today is used for her in the treatment diseases nerves degenerative, diabetes, heart disease and other cases, and with the increasing our ability in the production of stem cells through the transfer of the cell nucleus physical and techniques to create a stem cells stimulate a multi-capacity we have reached to open the prospects in the future for growing leather entire is missing or cultivation of the members of the entire as kidney and liver and heart and artery and the case and parts multi-of structure brain and spinal cord. Medical uses of stem cells over Thirty years ago and primitive, have been using the spinal cord the treatment of cancer patients diseases such as bleaching blood tumor lymphatic; this is the only form of therapy stem cell who practiced large-scale. It was used to coupled with the those cases using traditional ways to cure tumors such as the chemotherapy or radiotherapy and it was during chemical processing, die most of the cells growing factors cytotoxic. With that you may not post this material distinction between bleaching blood or tumor stem cells on the formation of blood in the spinal cord. This is the effect of the side of strategies chemotherapy traditional who try to implant stem cells reversed; spinal cord health donor re-stem cells effective to replace the cells lost and damaged in the body of the host during the period of treatment. Cells grown generate also response immunity cells help to kill cancer cells; but this process may out of control and lead to rejection of the implant which is the most serious side effects for this therapy.
    There is another type of treatment using the stem cells and called Prochimal approved conditions in Canada 2012 control the implant rejection in acute cases in children who did not respond to cataplectic action, the treatment depends on the treatment of meat medium stem MCS’s derived from the spinal cord with the donor’s. Are purification the mscs of the spinal, their implant and renforce them with up to 10,000 doses are derived from the donor one. Store doses frozen until the need to it. Wearer approved FDA to five products stem cells on the formation of blood derived from the blood of the cord, the treatment of Hematology and immunity. In 2014, recommended agency drugs European approval of the holoclar, cure includes stem cells, use in the European Union. Uses holoclar for people with a lack of stem cells is consider a severe condition because of Burns in the eye. In March 2016 treatment strimvelis company Glasgow Smith Klein (gsk 2696273) to treat -scid ada recommended for approval of the European Union. However, with the beginning of application of unique began research centers and treatment in Britain and America, Germany, Japan, and new Zealand and Canada and other countries EU especially in Germany, France, Switzerland, the application of the protocol global we put and we’ve that remains the most important in ways to cure stem cell parent and stem cells genetic smart the preserve only Britain great, Iraq, without of the world 12 other in this area. Uses of therapeutic medical stem cells in the treatment of diseases … 1)Nerves Degeneration the use of stem cells to address degeneration the brain, as in Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis Alzheimer’s disease. The brains of healthy adults with stem cells nervous divided either to keep the numbers of stem cells general, or to become the cells of the predecessor. Migrate cells advances in the brain works in the first place to keep the neurons for smell . Reported that the activation of drug stem cells neural internal origin urges the protection of nerve and healing behavioral who suffers patient in which of neurological disorder.
    2) brain injury and spinal cord 3) stroke, brain injuries lead to the death of a cell, characterized by the loss of neurons and oligodendrocytes inside the brain. Where were injected stem cells in the blood of patients with stroke.
    4)Recently we have been able for the 1st time in Golbal Med History to implant first organ within the human body and that was the heart in cooperation with our collègues à team of researches at the University of Auckland in new Zealand at which we made cultivation of the first the heart of a human by planting stem cells through the use of the cells adult stem as an effective means, successful, safe and was also the application of treatment for infarction heart , same technique and was used and that only been applied in New Zealand co-joint work with us here in Iraq and gave a processing success rate a very high exceeded the 70.65% and the same way therapeutic applied in the failures cardiac third parties due infarction muscle heart attack. The results therapeutic wonderful and the use of stem cells mature derived from the blood of the patient. As we can also generate cells muscle attack and stimulate growth blood vessels new rehabilitation tissue affected. As we can also access to the treatment septal genetic heart defects using the stem cells genetic smart. The benefit of the use of treatment stem cell fabric cardiac and regenerate it after any case of the failure of heart function or heart tissue damage having an excellent&wonderful results which we are working on the development of cases related to the heart and blood vessels. 5) configuration blood cells were able to create or configure or manufacture the first blood industrial uses in the treatment of cases which becomes the blood loss threatened human life and Dom business matching because lift out the clique blood factor Rh therefore can blood transfusion artificial patient wanter easily and safely what distinguishes the immune cells reference human they allow the human body in defending himself of antigens quick and adaptation. And, However, the immune system is subject to disintegration with the disease is because of crucial role played by in defense of the year, the deteriorate is often killer organism as a whole is the diagnosis of diseases of the cells, consisting of blood and classified across disciplines and sub-science of diseases known as Hematology properties immune cells that allows the body to identify antigens exotic making causing more difficulty in the treatment of diseases of the immune. Must match the textile donated with tissue the donor his success of the cultivation of tissue, but to obtain the tissues compatible is common, even among relatives of first-class. The research using both the stem cells, consisting of blood at adult or cells of may I opened the domain to study the mechanisms of ways to cure possible for many of these diseases. As we said we were able to generate the cells of Red blood human and mature completely by stem cells is made up blood, which is the cells of primitive configure the blood out of the human body. In this process, grown stem cells, consisting of blood along with the cells adenoids, which creates an environment that simulates the circumstances of bone marrow, a situ the growth of Red blood cells erthropiotein , the growth factor, add to make the stem cells completed differentiation final form red blood cells, this technique enabled of achieving the benefits of great in the areas of therapy Gene transfer of blood and treatment with drugs spot.
    6) teeth lost in 2004, scientists discovered in the faculty of Kings in London and method for growing (cultivate) the age of full-in mice and they were able to the development of dental engineered biologically stand-alone in the lab, but have not been applied to actually, but after that we found a way to link the nested and opp. between stem cells Alai form the teeth and other form the gum. Through the use of this technology to renew teeth and can be used to dental implants live in patients humans. Stem cells derived from the patient can (coaxed) in the lab to turn to the Bud age, and when grown in gum give new teeth , are expected to be grown at a time not more than three three weeks with jawbone secret chemicals encourage nerves vascular to connect with them. This is the process is similar to what happens when grows humans their teeth the original. Today this technique developed by the way we found and only implemented and used only in Great Britain and America hopefully soon can still fit for Iraq after that are training burden medical and technical of dentists Iraqis on this way the unique and make it within one’s hand the ability of Iraqis of the physical and where it cost America cultivation jaws our method which develop using the stem cells genetic smart $ 20 million and cultivation of age and the one that way 40 _60 thousand dollars in accordance with the type of age America Britain cost cultivation jaws and by us 2 million pounds Sterling cultivation of age and the one between 10-20 thousand pounds Sterling that an option to replace the teeth lost in the future.
    7) re growth cells of hair cochlea. Reported the researcher Helier success in re development of the cells of cochlea using a stem cells very taken from the blood of the patient.
    8) blindness and poor visibility since 2003, succeeded researchers the cultivation of stem cells for cornea in the eyes of affected to restore the matter. “Wins the aborted embryos sheets of the cells of retinal used by the team, which finds some people are rejected legally and the proportion of success low for refusing to by the immune system patient because obtained from dead human of people but we were able to get rid stem cells of the cells mother of the blood of the patient and allocated to create the cornea or retina during the fetus thereafter is planted these plates on the cornea affected, stimulate stem cells renewal reform, and restore vision in the end. In April 2005, planting doctors in the UK cells horny stem of donor members such as Debora Kaitlin , a woman who was hit by blindness in one of her eyes when he was acid in the same in nightclub. Cornea, which is the cover transparent eye, is located very fit for agriculture. In fact, it was the first cultivation of the members of a successful in the human is a transplant cornea. The absence of blood vessels inside the cornea makes it the region an easy target relatively for transportation have survived this tranplant Globally exceed 79% as recorded by the centers of processors Britain great America, and has been published in periodic Scientific Journals related to the eye of human in the areas of multi-around the world. In Jan 2012, published Journal of the Lancet scientific papers Steven Schwartz, at the Institute of Jules Stein diseases the eye of the University of California, Los Angeles, remember the case of two women affected and legally documented as blind a result of disease atrophy stain retina, that they witnessed improved dramatically in visibility after injection retina cell stem derived from her blood using the way we invited and achieved the result of more than 80% in these human cases.
    In June 2015, published peroidic scientific and medical publications in Scotland, related to medicine eyes the use of stem cells vessels of disease optic nerve infected and the led the improvement of 20/2000 20/40 after treatment with that method we created.
    9) treatment of diabetes .. loses diabetic patients cell function beta-producing insuline in the pancreas experiments modern, scientists were able to convert embryonic stem cells to beta cells in vitro, but did not be able to access at the time to the use of the blood of the patient to produce such as those cells competent secret insulin or what is known cells beta but the day after the evolution of the way we were able to deal with diabetes the quality of the first and second any genetic and earned and we have reached to success rate exceeding 80 and% to get rid of diabetes.
    10) move and cultivation members we were able thanks God reached the development of genetic smart stem cells from humsn blood and activated them so to configure the cells productive of insulin, which can be planted in the patient’s body. It was the most important we have to come to the following;: –
    a) cells grown have to multiply by) cells grown have to differentiate special way the site.
    A) cells grown must be kept alive in the body of the receiver (avoid the rejection of agriculture) Dr.) cells grown have to interfere with tissue the target.
    Ah) cells grown you must re-function receptor cells by interfering with the environment host.
    11) surgery orthopedic. The use of stem cell treatment of cases of orthopedic and growing cells stem to replace the cartilage harmony and dissemination also series issues small is made up of the nine defects in five rode contain cultivation stem cells with cover defects الغضروفية treatment.
    12) healing the wounds can also use stem cells to stimulate growth tissue human. In adults, usually replace tissue affected with scares , characterized by skin the structure of collagen irregular, loss of hair follicles and structure of irregular in blood vessels to renew the textile adult to re-a cell stem very,” seed “after drawn from the blood of the patient to reach into bed tissues” soil “in bed wound and let stem cells can stimulate the differentiation in cells bed tissue. Showed this way in response to renewal to access the full recovery wounds and prevent configuration or make up the scars adults.
    12) infertility cultivation stem cells blood smart of extracted from the blood of the patient’s human is working on the stimulation and producing cells genetic inside the ovary women experiencing not to configure the eggs mature or are maturity in the people who suffer the hives ovarian fibrous ineffective (mitotically) resulting in distinction to cells sex (cell predecessor cells for ovum and sperm, where are stimulation stem cells blood genetic smart human producing cells-like cells sperm and unique the proportion of very high.
    13) AIDS (HIV) ع the destruction of the immune system by virus HIV AIDS used by the loss cd4 + a glycoprotein be on the surface of the cells of t immune helping blood and contract lymphocytes, entry viral cells cd4 + is by interaction with the receptor activation chemical on the surface of the cells, altogether are ccr5 and cxr41 any they are the sites linked to the virus; because the process is following reincarnation and production of virus need Gene cellular productive process , the cells of cd4 + be objective of the initial for the virus late for treatment immunodeficiency we started with scientists in viruses and immunity in the UK and US operations survey and in the operations of alternative treatment of the virus, according to manufacturing immune system resistant disease by planting the cells of self-origin, genes modified
    (a resistance disease), stem cells constituent cells Red blood, and cells generated (gm-hspc). Clinical trials the use of stem cells stored in advance I saw the experts scientists that use the stem cells after stored freeze for reduces the effectiveness in therapy and their ability to differentiation compared to stem cell modern (fresh) which is a growing; it must be returned cultivation and development of stem cells stored in advance to become a growing before use them in the treatment of clinical, as demonstrated a lot of clinical trials used cells stored directly without re-grown failure as compared to those experiences that re-growth.
    Dr. Imad Hassan, director of the complex medical of Of Virgin Lady For Iraqi family Wellfare
    Baghdad – Mansour Iraq
    Erbil- Naz Naz Iraq –