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    Stem Cells Future Story

    published atDecember 6, 2018


    Stem Cells Future Story

    No longer computer, net, nano, are the only advance scientific technology the science and the scientists all over the world and I’m honored to be one of the global Pioneers in developing the future Health and Medical Hi-tech , so it became obtain health it appears like a revolution scientific piercing, especially in the treatment of diseases health intractable them on the human race, and is the use of the proliferation of use Stem Cell in the treatment, step by creative fantastic in the treatment of health and human, take a look initial on this method in therapy evolving and advanced scientifically, which began invades many of the world developed sophisticated.

    Know stem cell stem cells as cells live and specialized and incomplete split, no resemblance any cell specialized, but they are able to configure the cell very, after the fall several divisions, in suitable conditions, the importance of these cells, come from being able to configure the what kind of cells and specialist, after grow and develop into cells required. Installer scientifically that the human body is made up of about 50 billion living cell, and every day to die of them several billions of cells! For various reasons, here it can we conclude that if you are not able to the body compensation wastage of these cells, what we can barely, that we live more than just two months, and password is, in that in all member and texture of body tissues, there is a special kind of cells, which is called stem cell, and have these cells unique, the ability to shift and growth, made up the cells of the members of various body such as: the cells of the liver, heart, and the brain, and neurons, blood cells and even the bones.
    There are stem cells on two forms are:
    *First, Embryonic Stem Cells(ESC) : are getting embryonic stem cells of the inner part of blastocyte which is one of stages divisions egg fertilized welfare seminal, where the egg when pollinate welfare seminal single cell, able to configure the human being full various its members, as described, cell full hits, divided later this cell, several divisions to give the stage know (Blastocyte) which is a large group of cells. Second, Adult Stem Cell ( ASC) : is the stem cells are in tissues previously and that are specialized such bones and blood —- etc. There are in children and adults alike, these cells task, to supply the tissue cells which die, and hence those are the result natural the end of year-old specified in the fabric. There are some differences task, between the embryonic stem cells, amounting, which is that the embryonic stem cells produce enzyme named (telomerase) which help her to split the cell constantly and definitive, while the cells adult stem do not produce this enzyme, but small quantities, or at intervals spaced, making it a limited lifetime therefore the scientists and the honor for us to be among three scientists around the world developed the stem cells using Bio-Nanomite technology also thanks God and we have the honor to modify and develop in a solo manar as of one a kind Globally these cells using Bio-photo-octo-nanomite technology that entered the Artificial Intelligence to development of the system which is more advance genetically also we have been able to mediated a natural materials beside that technically which consider as a jump in future scientific Hi-tech more sophisticated not only to increase the rate this enzyme but to give ultimate power of light photons to make the adult stem cell renewing it’s life span automatically that invention make these new adult SC as well superior to the embryonic ones in such these new ones can change or take the shape and function of all body tissues and even the virtual tissue ended the default, which could not be accomplished by embryonic stem cells transformation by such advanced cells we invited making its quality far far higher in development than ESC which These SC we developed can be mediated and separated using natural materials we invinted and we made the stock of these materials only, However, in the British Royal Scientific Medical Researches & Artificial Intelligence in Great Britain and now in Iraq, so in the case of lack of technology and science of advanced used in this area and the existing exclusively in great Britain and the US only.

    The use of stem cells in the manufacturing “organized strikes heart”:

    announced scientists, US that they succeeded in test organizer “normal” strikes the heart of a group of patients. Hope scientists to solve this technique that have been made of stem cells place of electronic devices, which are used to treat irregular heartbeat. Got scientists Americans on stem cells of embryos human. The private collection of stem cells in the hearts of sound, making the heart beating regularly by raising the cells of the heart muscle. The people who fail their hearts in to do with this process, they need to plant organizer letter strikes heart is working battery, in order to keep irregular heartbeat, However, this tool, should be changed because of the intervention of some of electronic devices, like smart phones, in the way their work. The heart “natural pacemaker ” which is made of the cells of the body, there is no need to the source of energy, where become a part of the body, he explained scientists to the plus side of this technique, is that stem cell embryonic has the advantage of no in other cells, which is its ability to produce unknown number of cells.

    Stem cells reconstruct the defective parts of the brain:
    say researchers in the US, it’s day become they can transplant stem cells to deal with patients strokes and tumors brain, according to new research that they have them, that the stem cells are attracted normal to parts sick of the brain, the researchers say they want to make use of these terms in the treatment. It can be stem cells that turn out of any kind of cells and specialist in the body (as mentioned previously), scientists believe that they can use these cells, in the treatment of satisfactory many, the restoration of tissue damaged in various members of the body. It is very difficult to address the tumors that spread in all parts of the brain by surgery radiology form in the traditional rolling known. Examples of medical uses: 1-neurological diseases: the important diseases that can check the embryonic stem cells, successful medically, are some of diseases nervous system, a private disease Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and many of neurological diseases that do not treated .
    2-heart disease: the cultivation of stem cells muscle smart developed and healthy heart injury holidays and death muscular patient in hospital medical school at Auckland new Zealand the sense of agriculture the heart of a new from the heart of old is damaged by using the stem cells genetic smart, which provides new hope for patients with heart disease and chronic, that make the heart unable to pump of blood sufficient quantities, the overall hope this, in the formation the cells of muscle attack of stem cells different, and then grown in the heart muscle weak, in order to the ability functional heart weak and who is actually out for work, career, the application of the first who has been carried out in the school of medicine at the University of Auckland in new Zealand, which gave success considered a breakthrough medically scientifically unique premature where have shown that stem cells planted in the heart, succeeded in rehabilitation tissues the heart, and led her work in partnership with the cells original. 3-Diabetes:
    in many people who are suffering from the first type (type i) and type II (type II) of diabetes.

    Prof. Dr. Imad Al-Hassan

    Virgin Lady Medical Complex Mansour-Baghdad complex
    Virgin Lady Medical Complex within Mercy Medical Complex
    Naz Naz – Erbil