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    Success has an immune therapy for brain cancer

    published atNovember 3, 2018

    Success has an immune therapy for brain cancer.
    Oct. 2018

    Immunotherapy is a leading form of treatment that has become a breakthrough in a time that preceded its future and is ahead of a strategic development that will turn all concepts of medicine in the treatment of inherited and inherited diseases and diseases and is attracting much attention now around the world as there is no destructive side effects as in The traditional chemical and radiological treatments that the countries of the world have started to move away from, and at the head of these countries Great Britain, which applied the first immunological protocol for the treatment of tumors in the world away from the traditional treatments destroyed as today on the road Great Britain three countries in the world is the United States The two countries began to apply this treatment or the new immune protocol by one of the pioneers and status of this protocol in the world is Professor Dr. and the Iraqi scientist Imad al-Hassan and America, Germany and Iraq began to apply this type of treatment advanced to the rest of the world except Great Britain Today large institutions in Great Britain, the United States, Germany and Iraq have launched a large campaign, especially in the first three countries Great Britain, the United States of America and Germany to support this treatment in terms of funding and effectiveness. Instead of the use of chemotherapy and radiation to destroy tumors, but they proved that they completely destroy the immunity of the patient’s body and the end of the end, while immunotherapy is using the mechanisms of defense of the body itself to get rid of cancer cells.

    Over the past 40 years, various experiments have been shown to be effective in the elimination of cancerous tumors, particularly on skin cancer, leukemia, breast, uterine, ovarian, gastrointestinal and brain cancer. Immunotherapy is also made up of a variety of treatments Including drugs, viral vaccines, and vaccines against tumors and stem cells. This treatment proved that it could increase the lives of patients soon to die, as published in TIME. Unexpected success has been the treatment of brain cancer of all kinds. It was a killer crab that you spend Li patient within 6-12 months at most found that the patient’s life has become extended to many years exceeded the limit meditator to be in the best cases, traditional treatments that lay between 2-5 years.

    The beginning of immunotherapy in the United States of America.

    A 50-year-old patient with an advanced thyroid tumor – an aggressive form of brain cancer – has already been treated with surgery, radiotherapy and conventional chemotherapy, but without benefit. The cancer has returned and has spread to other parts of his body.

    A team from the “City of Hope Beckman Research Institute and Medical Center” decided to use an unusual anti-leukemia treatment on this unhappy man as a last resort to free him from his ordeal.

    Researchers from the New England Journal of Medicine, including the Iraqi scientist Dr. Imad al-Hassan, shared the research from around the world with BRI & MC describing how they extracted stem cells with artificial intelligence from the patient’s immune system, especially T cells. They gave him the equivalent of the target system. He modifies the surfaces of these immune cells, programing them to take advantage of the proteins that will recognize the tumor cells as a threat. Then, after the additional surgery that removed most of the brain tumor, the team restored these modified cells to the patient, stopping the parts of the remaining tumor from growing further. Over time, cancerous growth was observed again, so the team gave the man plenty of doses of immunotherapy. This time, rectified cells were injected directly into the ventricles – cavities within the brain. This is considered a high risk procedure, as this type of injection can cause fatal inflammation. In any case, this method succeeded. After years, the Iraqi scientist in the field of tumors, immunology and stem cells, Dr. Hassan, jumped from the method of giving smart stem cells through the brain by making it easier and has no risk or side effects when cell programs Smart stem through the technology of integrating the cell with the material and give it in the form of a vaccine to be treated many of the similar cases in Britain and America and recently in Germany success rate and a high cure amazed many scientists in this area. Not only did the tumor stop growing, it even started to decline. A year and a half later, the tumor almost disappeared.
    Without this treatment, the patient could have died within a few weeks after the spread of this cancer and with time many die faster than doctors with the same multiglagic brain tumors, genotypes and tumor classifications. By following this immunotherapy, scientists have found that tumors are no longer eight months away.
    Immunotherapy or stem cell transplant therapy has become a scientific reality of its age and its time and is applied rapidly and rapidly to treat tumors, including brain tumors around the world.