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    Getting effective treatment depends on identifying the right problem. In a recent study, 88 percent of patients who came to Iraq Medical Center for a second opinion received a new or refined diagnosis.

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    Stem Cells Future Story

      Stem Cells Future Story No longer computer, net, nano, are the only advance scientific technology the science and the scientists all over the world and I'm honored to be one of the global Pioneers in developing the future Health and Medical Hi-tech , so it became obtain health it appears like a revolution scientific piercing, especially in the treatment of diseases health intractable them on the human race, and is the use of the proliferation of use Stem Cell in the treatment, step by creative fantastic in the treatment of health and human, take a look initial on this ....

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    A new Frontier Science

    A new Frontier Science that other waged war and war to derail that new scientific Frontier and downed its scientists who invented and discovered but this New Science become a reality and in the time, former to its time in the future, although the continuation of the war on it and the scientists working with but doesn't hurt that something convoy this flag are going to achieve all their goals and remain the cursing voices knocks drums no voice has Yes it is aware of the future of stem cells approved by the Minister of health and the British before ....

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    Success has an immune therapy for brain cancer

    Success has an immune therapy for brain cancer. Times Oct. 2018 Immunotherapy is a leading form of treatment that has become a breakthrough in a time that preceded its future and is ahead of a strategic development that will turn all concepts of medicine in the treatment of inherited and inherited diseases and diseases and is attracting much attention now around the world as there is no destructive side effects as in The traditional chemical and radiological treatments that the countries of the world have started to move away from, and at the head of these countries Great Britain, which ....

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    Chemotherapy is killing cancer patients

    American scientist: Chemotherapy is killing cancer patients Thursday, October 3, 2018 All times are GMT +3 cancer patients An American professor, a cancer researcher, blew up a surprise of high caliber, asserting that chemotherapy did not succeed in treating cancer, but rather a hoax, according to Sputnik. "Chemotherapy does not succeed in treating cancer and it is a well-disguised trick by the cancer industries," said Harden Jones, a former professor of physics and medical physiology at Berkeley, in an article published on the website of the Foundation for Progress in Cancer Treatment. "There is only one reason why doctors prescribe ....

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